[WIWIK Series] What I Wish I Knew…About The Work (Part 1) – The Skills

The question is not : Are you worthy? or Is it possible for you?
These are irrelevant.

The question is : Are you willing to do the work required?
It may be more than you think.
It is probably more than you think.
Are you ready to take it?

There is nothing you cannot do, or be, or have when you decide it is yours.

Now, that may be misleading. It doesn’t mean it will be yours WHEN you decide it. It will be yours when you will have developed the skills required.

You want to walk into a room and feel confident? Awesome! It will require you to think in a different way about yourself and interpret situations differently.

You want to feel peaceful and live on purpose? Wonderful! It will require you to practice deep introspection, develop a new relationship with yourself and with your thoughts, and get reallllly comfortable with your inner guidance.

You want to be productive? Yoohoo! It will require you to identify your priorities, sharpen your focus and strengthen your power of choice.

You want to make loads of money? Go get’em! It will require you to learn to relate to money differently, to know how to manage it and how to deal with what having more money implies.

For any of the skills required above, it implies that you will:

  • suck at it first
  • experience doubt
  • take detours
  • fail sometimes

…and also

  • experience wins
  • understand yourself better
  • feel clarity and power
  • have loads of « OMG! I CAN actually do this! » moments
  • and develop new perspectives that will leave you saying: « WHY THE HELL DIDN’T ANYBODY SAY THAT BEFORE? » (they probably did, you were just not ready to hear it).

It may not be what you want to hear (or read), but that’s how it is. So when you decide you want to change your life, that implies that you decide to embrace ALL the process. Because this process is what is necessary for you to grow and experience the reward that comes with growth.

Rome wasn’t built in a day – and neither was your mindset.

Now, why is it that you have accumulated so many strategies and read so many books and may not have the results that you want? Stay tuned for the next piece.




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Introducing the WIWIK series: What I Wish I Knew

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