Binging on crime investigation series?

[She hadn’t slept for 36 hours.

Her boss was pressuring her to come up with a solution, and her heart was pounding like a drum.

“There needs to be a way” – she thought.

Her best theory had failed miserably and the pressure was higher than ever.

She thought back of all the cases she solved and knew one thing – the solution is always there, in the case.

It is a matter of finding it…..]

Is it just me or most TV shows involve a police department and crime investigations these days?

I hate to admit it, but these shows are addicting.

And I am one who can’t stand to watch any type of violence. Really.

So I couldn’t help but wonder – what makes these shows so interesting to watch?

….and besides the risk, the mystery and the inappropriate office romance (there is ALWAYS at least one), what really gets me coming back is: the game of problem-solving.

An objective.
A hypothesis.
The unknown.
Pieces of information that don’t line up.
Potential strategies – which one will work to crack this particular case?

We, humans, are wired to problem-solve. This is what we do – because there will always be obstacles between where we are and what we want. (Psst! That’s why most people don’t go for what they want!)

The game is not to change what we want in order to avoid obstacles
— who cheers for the investigator who arrests the first suspect because it’s the easy choice, despite the lack of solid evidence?

The game is to be bigger than the obstacle and keep your eyes on the goal
— we all cheer for the investigator who sees through the criminal’s attempt to derail the investigation, unmasks the truth and goes back home for dinner to her family like a champ.

What is the missing link between you and your goal?

What’s your strategy to get it out of the way and get going?

[Long hours in the interrogation room with no result. The suspect didn’t crack.

As she let her head fall in her hands, her eyes landed on a picture.

And there it was.

The victim’s missing diamond stuck under the heal of her colleague’s boot – a cooperator in the case.

The same boots he was wearing when he stepped on the victim’s hand as she was holding on for her life on the edge of the window.

As our investigator suspected, the elements of the solution were there all along.

Another case solved, another criminal behind bars. Well done Officer.

And tomorrow is another day.]

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