[WIWIK Series] What I Wish I Knew….About Purpose

Do you feel like the concept of finding your purpose is as stressful as finding your soulmate? That idea that there is only ONE right person/thing for you and you may spend your life searching for it.

As Miranda Hobbes says sooooo well: “And if you don’t find him…what? You’re incomplete? It’s SO dangerous! » (Some Sex And The City nostalgia for the fans…)

I used to think that my purpose was what I was DOING.
If I could find that THING, that job or project, that I was SUPPOSED to do, then I would be happy.

Hmm..not how it turned out.

Your purpose is not what you DO.
It is not your job, your role, your look. (Those things change)

Your purpose is who you are BEING.
Yes, you read right. But what the hell does that mean?

Well, thanks for asking.

Your purpose is to be the person that feels as true as possible to you. It is to show up authentically in your life. It is to live with joy, peace, and truth.

Okay, let’s be a tad more practical :

As you grow closer to your authentic self (your unapologetic self underneath all the things you learned in order to be the person society wanted you to be), you will be inspired to DO things, to pursue a career that you love, take a role that feels right, create a look that fits the inside, etc.

What you DO is a channel for your purpose, but your purpose is NOT the doing. It is BEING the person who DRIVES the actions. You don’t DO your purpose, you EXPRESS your purpose. It lives within you.

Your actions or what you look like to other people may change, that doesn’t mean you are not on purpose. What if there is not one right action plan or path for you but YOU? As long as you yourself are living according to your own peace, truth, and joy, then you can feel certain that you are on purpose.



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    Thanks for the reminder. I needed that today.

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      You are so welcome Andrea! Thanks for being here!

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