Want to know what you really want? Here’s how

How do you know what you want? (what you really really want)

This is one of the most common topics I coach people on…..though I have to admit something: if you jump on a one-off call with me, I can definitely help you get clear on what you want BUT this is only a temporary fix.

Because what is WAY more powerful than knowing what you want is knowing HOW to know what you want.

Okay, what’s this madness about?

Let me explain:

You already know what you want: You are just getting in your own way. The idea is not to find what you want, as if it was to be found outside of you. It is to accept what you want.  There is a part of you who already knows.

What you want is really a feeling: Sometimes it seems like we want a thing, but what we really want is a feeling.  We associate a meaning with everything that is around us.

What does the ‘thing’ you want mean to you?
What will it bring you?

Once you get clearer on the feeling that you want – feeling loved, with a sense of belonging, secure, important, meaningful – you can better identify what you want in your life.

The specifics of what you want will change: You evolve and therefore what you want evolves.  You can be after different experiences and feelings, or after the same feeling but with different specifics.

What does security mean to you now compared to 10 years ago? Then, it could be a steady job and now, it could be taking the leap and building your own empire.

What does love mean to you now compared to 10 years ago? Then, it could mean being taken care of and now, it could be feeling pure freedom.

What you want evolves.

It comes from within: In some periods of our lives, we are so driven by what we see around us, by what others think and by what we are told we should do, that we base all of our decisions on that. What we do, what we wear, how we think…

And then we get ourselves into a situation where we ticked all the boxes but we keep on wondering – what do I really want?

Yeah – I get that. And here’s the thing: only YOU can connect to your inner wisdom and listen. Nobody can do that for you. So stop looking around and look within. 

So, how do you know what you want? You learn to connect to your inner wisdom, you learn to listen, you learn how to discern your inner voice from your inner critic.

Those are skills you build and muscles that you grow through practice.

Is it time for you to start practicing? If you are committed to getting closer to your inner wisdom and you want my help, drop me a line!



With much love and gratitude,

Geneviève Pépin

Coach for the ambitious woman

It’s never too late to be who you’re meant to be.