I help ambitious women achieve their big audacious goals with LESS stress and MORE fun, so they wake up excited and go to bed satisfied!

Still wondering: "What am I going to do with my life?!?!"

Are you at a crossroad, dreaming about a new career, passion project, business venture, or location?

Welcome! You are at the right place!


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I help you tackle your most fulfilling life goals...

..so that you wake up wicked excited about your day and see your progress as you create finger lickin' delicious opportunities in your life.

Pssstt! Here’s the secret:

The Plan


The Mindset


The Accountability


The Fun


The Success

This magic equation will take you there 100 times faster, while feeling awesome!

So how do we go at it?

My approach combines deep coaching and play, so that you develop your strategic and creative sides, lower your stress levels and create results with FUN.

When I am not coaching amazing women reach their potential, I like to enjoy a black espresso and a good laugh with friends, practice improv comedy, and spend time with my husband and two dogs in the beautiful Canary Islands that we call home.

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