• A 90-min interactive session where you will learn mindset and efficiency practices through play, and adapt them to what works for you.

    👉WHAT: Get crystal clear on what to focus on.

    👉PLAN: Learn simple practices to get your ducks in a row without the overwhelm.

    👉IMPROVISE: Learn to refocus and move forward with the main pillar of improvisation – the YES, AND.

    I'm in!
40% of professionals experience persistent stress or excessive anxiety in their daily lives. (Anxiety and Depression Association of America), which affects work productivity and coworker relations more than any other areas.

In fact, $300 Billion is lost by US businesses each year as a result of workplace stress.

A casual internet search related to “stress management” or “time management” will yield upwards of 700 million results, the vast majority of which cite basic tips and strategies for mitigating the stress and its associated impact on work performance.

The problem with these types of solutions are like a band-aid - they target the management of stress once an individual is already experiencing the associated chronic stress and symptoms.

Sustainable change requires sustainable solutions - this is why I help professionals and entrepreneurs develop the self-management habits and soft skills that lead to less stress and better efficiency.

And because we retain 75% of what we practice and implement (compared to 10% of what we read), I created Improv For Professionals - a practice space for professionals to build performance skills through play.

Growth Mindset · Creativity · Innovation · Adaptability · Facing uncertainty · Collaboration · Social skills · Communication

Performance can only improve if we manage ourselves efficiently - are you game?

When I am not coaching, I like to enjoy a black espresso and a good laugh with friends, practice improv comedy, and spend time with my husband and two dogs in the beautiful Canary Islands that we call home. 🌴
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