According to Gallup, roughly 2 out of every 3 corporate professionals are currently experiencing burnout - including in our contemporary remote work reality.

A casual internet search related to “corporate burnout” or “stress management” will yield upwards of 700 million results, the vast majority of which cite basic tips and strategies for mitigating the stress and its associated impact on work performance.

The problem with these types of solutions is that they target the management of stress once an individual is already experiencing the associated burnout and symptoms.

That is why I created “Productivity 2.0” – a program that is designed to help you build productive habits by setting the conditions for productivity, both internal and external, so that you can enjoy sustainable performance as well as more time and energy for what matters to you, without the constant stress.

When I am not coaching, I like to enjoy a black espresso and a good laugh with friends, practice improv comedy, and spend time with my husband and two dogs in the beautiful Canary Islands that we call home. 🌴
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