[WIWIK Series] What I Wish I Knew….About Problems

Problems are like black bears.
It’s about how you position yourself to them.
Either the problem wins, or you win.

When you hang out in the woods a lot, you’ll come face to face with wild animals. You can take some measures to minimize the possibilities, but you can’t avoid it.

It is part of the game. It’s not personal.

When you get serious about considering your desires and/or change an aspect of your life, you’ll come face to face with challenges, problems, curveballs, you name it. You can take some measures to minimize the possibilities, but you can’t avoid it.

It is part of the game. It’s not personal.

It happened so many times that I questioned myself and backed up because I encountered challenges in my endeavors, even when I played the safest.

This includes (but not limited to):
Getting triggered by people
Losing opportunities
Investing lots of time and efforts for no tangible result
Etc, etc, etc.

I allowed them to be my limit, torturing myself wondering “why isn’t this all rainbows and unicorns?” and “what am I doing wrong?

These questions got me stuck more than once (and if I found myself face to face with a bear, they wouldn’t be helpful either).

Here is a more constructive question: How can I make myself bigger than this?

If you encounter a black bear: Don’t run away. Face the bear directly and make loud noises. (disclaimer: this is NOT official advice about black bears or wild animals).

If you encounter a challenge, a setback, a disappointment on your path: Accept the reality, take it as a learning, use the good in the situation and build from it.

You can’t know everything…and you don’t need to. Nobody does.

So, how do you avoid problems and mishaps? You don’t. They will happen, no matter how ‘perfect’ your plan is.

How do you avoid letting them stop you? You change how you position yourself to them. Look for the good, embrace the learning, grow from it.

Here is what you’ll find out: You’ll gravitate toward solutions much faster and you’ll find that you move toward your goals at a much faster speed too.

Get ready for it – the bear will come but it won’t get the best of you…unless you allow it to. Make it hear you roar.



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