What you resist persists…

What are you resisting?

It’s funny how we sometimes resist a calling in fear of being rejected when we really are the one that is rejecting ourselves.

One thing that gets me excited is reaching new levels of awareness, finding hidden resistance and busting through it! I had this moment of clarity last week during my meditation. It came to me like a growling stomach in a silent room – loud and clear!

It said: don’t be afraid of your spirituality.

“Hmm, pardon me?”

I didn’t really understand, but I listened further. I then was shown all the ways I have been subtly hiding this side of me.

It didn’t feel like resistance, it felt like common sense.

I felt a truth within but I
  • diminished its power by pushing it away
  • tried to interpret it differently because it wasn’t ‘serious’
  • found 1000 stories justifying why it was not practical enough and people wouldn’t understand

Subtle, but powerful.

Can you relate?

Now, here is the win: because I am aware of this resistance, I can now break free from it. WOOHOO!


Our resistance and limiting stories are master scam artists, they just seem SO REAL, don’t they?
They do eventually reveal themselves…when we are ready to see them through doing the work to get there. And when that happens, we better embrace all of it because this is a huge opportunity for growth!!!

I committed to myself that I would accept all parts of me, and here it is:

YES! I am being led spiritually, embrace my woo-woo-ness and fully trust this part of myself. 

I have known this for a long time but refused to say it out loud. There is a very special power in opening up to those parts of us which we resist – this power is called self-acceptance.

When I made this big coming out to my friends, there were no surprises: “Duuhhhh. What else is new? “

Oh right, all of this judgment was only in my head!!?!

Nothing around me changed, but the way I FEEL changed. Embracing instead of resisting brings a delicious feeling of freedom.

What is a part of you that you tend to hide from the world in fear of judgment?

What would happen if you would give yourself the gift of accepting this part of you?

Cheering you on!

With much love and gratitude,

Geneviève Pépin

Coach for the ambitious woman

It’s never too late to be who you’re meant to be.

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