How can you show up as the leader of your life right now?

Can you identify the opportunities you have in your life to show up as the best YOU?

You know that I LOVE to grasp opportunities that are available to me right now in order to take baby steps toward my goals. Here is a concrete example that is happening at this very moment in my life.

Did I tell you I am doing theater?
Yes! We are currently working on two plays and we start a mini regional tour tomorrow! #Exciting

I love to act because to me, acting is pure FUN.

At this moment, I get to play a character that is somehow challenging for me. It’s a childish character. I don’t feel it. I feel ridicule with it. It doesn’t come easily to me at this moment.

It’s very subtle, but it’s there.


I really want to do this well, have fun with it and move on. I want to be proud of myself with it. Of course, I WANT to do this!

However, there is a contradiction here:

Do I want it to go well? Yes!

Do I allow it to go well? No!

I am thinking about why I can’t do it.

I am thinking about why I don’t want to do it.

Bottom line: when I think about that role, I think about what I don’t want!!!!
*horrified face*
Well, no wonder I’m having a hard time with it!!

Let’s look at the flip side:

WHY do I want to do this?

Because I want to experience other characters and create great experiences for an audience.
Because this brings me great JOY.

As I am focusing on this desired outcome and feeling… my perspective is shifted.  My vision is so much BIGGER than this specific step. After all, this is what this role is, a step. It’s an opportunity to learn and move toward what I want to create.

Now that I see that resistance clearly, I am faced with a choice: letting go and giving it my all OR holding on to the resistance and struggling to play.

You’ve heard me talk about identifying opportunities and gathering proofs of your progress.
This is it: an opportunity to see yourself/ feel yourself/ know yourself at the next level. An opportunity to know that you can go through that step and that you are growing.

This is a juicy moment – I am aware and therefore I can now CHOOSE.

That’s the stuff!

As I am stepping closer into my Self, my focus is shifting toward what I desire, and the whole game is changed. I choose to give it my all!

What opportunity do you have in your life NOW to choose to let go of resistance and focus on what you desire (i.e. show up in the way you want to show up)?

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Geneviève Pépin

Coach for the ambitious woman

It’s never too late to be who you’re meant to be.


  1. Parjanya

    Wow Geneviève!
    This example opens up a new perspective on growth and self-empowerment for me.
    In Gratitude, Parjanya

    1. Netolla

      Thank you so much for your comment, Parjanya! I am glad this article brought a new perspective!
      Sending much joy and light your way, Gen

  2. Andrea

    “and create great experiences for an audience.”

    You cannot do this.

    You can experience the other characters. You can put Gen aside and be your character. Be true in your character. Be true in the story the play is telling. Give the audience a strong and congruent version.

    You cannot ‘drive safely’ by looking in the rear mirror (is the audience having a great experience?) Every time you peek around the curtain to see if they like it – you break the mood and slacken the tension.

    Hope you have a terrific tour and – break a leg!

    1. Netolla

      Hi Andrea!
      Yessss! You are so right, thank you for bringing that up! What I want is to give the best of myself as a performer in that precise moment – I cannot control how it is received.
      ”You cannot ‘drive safely’ by looking in the rear mirror” is really well said!
      And this applies in every area of life!
      Thank you for the wishes – I hope you are doing fantastic!
      Much joy your way,

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