Let’s do some clarity talk

Are you looking for more clarity?

Clarity is definitely a game changer!! With clarity, you have better focus, you generate tons of ideas (where-were-you-all-my-life type of ideas), you aren’t bothered with what others have to say because what you do/who you are FEELS RIGHT ANYWAY. With clarity, you feel powerful and therefore act powerfully.

But beware – clarity is not a wild horse you need to catch.
It is not a treasure that someone else holds.
It is not something you search for, like that pair of shoes you never get to wear but desperately need for that fancy wedding.

Here are two ideas I would like to introduce about clarity:

It comes and goes. Clarity is a state, in contrast to a plateau you get on and stay on forever. This is a state you cultivate, this is a state you tap into. You want to get yourself into a state of clarity.

That means that no one can give it to you but YOU.  

The more you practice getting there, the easiest it is to access it for longer periods of time.

Remember: The decision is yours to do the work to get there or not.

It comes with acceptance. So many times – SO.MANY.TIMES – I speak with wonderful women who want more clarity, and as we talk, it becomes clear that clarity is not exactly what they need. They already connected the dots. What they need is acceptance and permission. They already know what they want to know, but something is in the way. Their inner critic speaks LOUDER than their inner guidance, therefore it seems like it is unclear…but it’s not.

You are enough. What you truly want matters.

And being willing to accept all parts of you is a MUST to get clarity. You can’t have one without the other.

What is your favorite practice to get yourself in a state of clarity?

If you need help to get clarity – I am here to support you!

Cheers to bringing all of your awesomeness forth – and feeling great about it!

Geneviève Pépin

Coach for the ambitious woman

It’s never too late to be who you’re meant to be.

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