The one thing I like to remind myself [Free little somethin’ for you]

Real quick, I wanted to share my phone home screen with you.
Why? Because I use it as a reminder of the most powerful affirmation I know.

(Psst! want one of those? click here)

I am free.

My thoughts are free.

I am free to focus on whatever I want right now.
I am free to choose right now, at this moment, which action I take.
I am free to choose the language I use.
I am free to shift my energy.
I am free to take a second to breathe deeply.
I am free to believe in myself.

Nobody can take that away from me.

This little reminder helps me in many ways:
  • when I get distracted or procrastinate, it reminds me that I am free to choose where I invest my time and energy right at this moment. It’s on me.
  • when I am stressed, feel worried or am caught in a thought pattern that makes me feel insecure, it reminds me that I am free to choose the thoughts I engage with, and the ones I let go of.
  • when I am excited and giddy, it reinforces that goodness and helps me expand that feeling.

This reminder keeps me on track during the day, because I’ll be honest, as I go with my day sometimes …. I forget.

So, hey, I thought: why not share this with you?

My team and I made a few wallpaper options for you with empowering words as a reminder of your power of choice.

It’s free, from me to you! I hope this can keep you inspired and aligned during your day – and help you keep in mind the power that you have.

Keep on shining!

Geneviève Pépin

Coach for the ambitious woman

It’s never too late to be who you’re meant to be.

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