Wallpaper Awesomeness

Hi there! Here are some free goodies for you!  -->  My team and I designed a few wallpaper options with empowering words as a reminder of your power of choice!

 I hope this can keep you inspired and aligned during your day - and help you keep in mind the power that you have. 

Just choose the design you like and click to download the wallpaper!

I am free.

I have a choice.


My thoughts are free.


I am free to focus on whatever I want right now.
I am free to choose right now, at this moment, which action I take.
I am free to choose the language I use.
I am free to shift my energy.
I am free to take a second to breathe deeply.
I am free to believe in myself.


Nobody can take that away from me.


This little reminder helps me in many ways:

- when I get distracted or procrastinate, it reminds me that I am free to choose where I invest my time and energy right at this moment. It's on me.

- when I am stressed, feel worried or am caught in a thought pattern that makes me feel insecure, it reminds me that I am free to choose the thoughts I engage with, and the ones I let go of.

- when I am excited and giddy, it reinforces that goodness and helps me expand that feeling.

This reminder keeps me on track during the day, because I'll be honest, as I go with my day sometimes .... I forget.

I hope it also helps you to stay on track! Have an amazing day!

Much love,