The reason I was not always as “open”

Are you censoring your life?


I think you know by now that I don’t hold back on vulnerable shares. And I want to say that this didn’t come to me naturally.


You see, I have repressed who I was for a very long time.


Ok, stop right here. ‘Who you were’? You mean….you had a fake ID?


Well…not exactly but that’s a way of putting it. I was really good at showing up as who I ‘should’ be.


I was a no-no at the thought of sharing my story or my desires. Actually some of them I didn’t even allow myself to think about. I couldn’t dare to be seen as funny, charming, creative or being myself around people.


So much so that I actually took many of my desires, labeled them as unreasonable, locked them into a box and buried it deeeeeeeep into the ‘Never To Be Revealed’ land.


Which ones of your desires have you buried in the ‘Never To Be Revealed’ land, ?


Which part of yourself are you keeping chained in fear of revealing too much or maybe…losing control?


When you bring home all parts of you, you set the stage for amazing things to happen.


You attract people who embrace who you are and elevate you to become your best self.
You see opportunities that will enrich your life to a point you couldn’t imagine.
You express yourself freely, from the head AND the heart.
You feel lighter, as you don’t have to watch your back to make sure everything is under control.


It’s your way of being … that can change everything.


The reason I am sharing this with you is that I know you are successful, independant, you know who you are…and there is a nudge. There is a big nudge. A nudge for a change. 


Is it time to consider that nudge?


What does that change look like for you, ?


Who would you be in a year if you stepped forward TODAY to explore more of that?


Now….two things may happen for you as you read this:
  • You may feel excitement (”what if this is possible?”).
  • You may feel resistance (”[Insert all the reasons why moving forward won’t work for you anyways]”).


Which one is it for you?  Comment below and let me know – excitement or resistance? 



Geneviève Pépin

Coach for the ambitious woman

It’s never too late to be who you’re meant to be.


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