How to create time for YOU

You have the strategies, you know what to do, but you just don’t have the time?

In this era where information is at your fingertips, you can learn about pretty much anything if you are willing to do the research.

But as you know, learning what to do is not enough.

Implementation is the key.

Now, the problem is that implementation involves time. Your time is precious.

The good news is that you can buy time by delegating to another person or to technology. YAHOO!

The bad news is that there are some things that you can’t delegate…like your personal growth or the skills you want to develop.

You can speed up your process by hiring a professional, but you will still need to take the time to practice, go through the learning curve, know what works for you, what doesn’t, etc.


(I hear you!)

Okay, first let me hit you with some classic quotes (they are classic for a reason)

“Time is not something that you have, it is something that you take.”

If your favorite band was in town and you’d have VIP tickets, would you make the time to enjoy the experience?

If a loved one needed your help to go to the hospital, would you take the time to support them?

When it is important – you take the time.

“You can’t pour from an empty cup.”

Here is the thing: YOU are important. And you need to know that for yourself.

In fact, it’s not only for you but for your loved ones, your team, your friends!

Everybody benefits from a happy You.

So how can you CREATE the time?

If creating time sounds like magic to you, your magic wand is called PRIORITIZING.

Here is my VCAP four-step approach:

Vision: Where are you going? What is the result that you want to achieve?

Think of your vision and your personal values.

What is it that you want to create time for?

Current priorities: What is already a priority in your life? What is it that you make time for, no matter what?

Those things are what you plan around in your schedule – your work, your children, your friends, etc.

Audit: Let’s look at what you are doing now. Where are you spending your time now?

What can you drop that does not contribute or align to your vision and values?

You may find that a lot of things may SEEM important, but when compared to your vision and goals, they don’t really fit in. Or they don’t really fit in right now.

Put them on pause and focus on what you want to work on now.

Remember, you cannot do everything, let alone everything at the same time.

That is why we prioritize, to include what we have most at heart in our day to day life.

Plan it (chunk it down too!): Coming back to your vision, what specific activities/tasks/practice do you want to put on your priority list this week, month, year?

If you reeeaaally struggle to make time, start small. What is the minimum amount of time that you can commit to in order to get started?

For example:

You want to create a side hustle and you need to structure your ideas and do some research. Can you make an hour or two a week to focus solely on that?

  • How much time would you like to take? Ex: 2 hours a week.
  • When is the best time for you to plan, so that you can focus? Ex: Early mornings (2 x 1 hour)
  • If something happens, what is your contingency plan (back up time slot)? Ex: Sunday morning

You want to start journaling

  • How much time would you like to take? Ex: 10 minutes a day is good to start
  • When is the best time for you to plan, so that you can focus? Ex: On my lunch hour
  • If something happens, what is your contingency plan (back up time slot)? Ex: Before bed

Put it in your calendar, your diary or whatever you use to keep track of your schedule. Because it IS part of your schedule.

(BONUS) Take yourself seriously: It IS important. Your joy and growth ARE important. And you definitely have permission to put yourself, your joy, your growth as a priority on your list. Trust me, it’s your prerogative.


Is time management something you want to learn more about? If yes, comment below and let me know what is your #1 issue!


With much love and gratitude,

Geneviève Pépin

Coach for the ambitious woman

It’s never too late to be who you’re meant to be.