[WIWIK Series] What I Wish I Knew…About The Work (Part 3) – Consistency

It is so fascinating how we focus on what we search for and disregard the rest.

I was scared of consistency. So much so that I would automatically overlook the idea when it was mentioned.

« Consistent effort? Nah, that won’t do. I want the fast road, I want the results and I want it now, so just give me the hack. »

I used to have this strange idea that it would be different for me, that I didn’t have to apply the consistency and that if it was to ‘work‘, it would work the first time or quickly.

Hmmm….no. I am not that special….. Are you?

IT doesn’t have to work. I  have to work. IT doesn’t do anything on my behalf, neither does my coach, neither does my partner, etc. The power is mine, always.

When I actually decided to apply consistency to the practice(s) I committed to……I saw the light. It alllllll made sense.

Consistency is not optional when it comes to retraining your brain, changing your relationships (with yourself and others), rebooting your health, creating new habits or bringing to life your big bold hairy dreams.
*It is mandatory.*

If consistency is scary to you, and you don’t live the results you want – remember that you are already consistent. You are consistent with the things that don’t serve the purpose you want to achieve.

— Life is what you do consistently, not what you once did.
— You are what you think consistently, not what you once thought.
It is that simple.

Tied to consistency, skills, and application comes one of my new favorite words (stay tuned for next week).




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