Building trust in yourself

Building an empowering relationship with yourself – what does that even mean?


When you think of a relationship, you may have different concepts coming to mind like trust, fun, loyalty…


Let’s start with trust – can you imagine facing a challenge or an urge to do something new, and thinking “yeah, I’m leaving that to Myself. I know she’ll do a good job.” (and then, she moves forward)

Hmmm, or does it sounds more like “yeah, that “Myself” seems good, but does she really know what she is talking about? I mean, even though she’s got an impressive success record and she’s got all the necessary raw material to rock it, do I really want to look at that? Of course not! Everybody knows that’s not a reliable source of reference! What I can trust is the sum of all the times it didn’t work so well for “Myself” , PLUS, all the hypothetical situations I am making up in my head right now about what could happen if “Myself” gets to be trusted. Better to be careful with “Myself” and leave the full stage to Self-Doubt. They’ll handle the situation.” ?


Learning to trust yourself is crucial in order to play to your full potential.


Imagine that you hire somebody to help you sort some stuff out and that person makes mistakes, which causes you to doubt their abilities. What would you do to re-establish the trust?


A- Throw bigger challenges at them…and pray for them to complete them like a pro. Hit or miss!




B- Get to know them really well to know how to empower them, and give them increasingly challenging tasks, making sure they get comfortable with every step of the way until you just know they’ll handle whatever comes their way because you’ve seen it happen so many times.


What step can you take today, no matter how small, to build trust in yourself?


Happy Thursday!


Geneviève Pépin

Coach for the ambitious woman

It’s never too late to be who you’re meant to be.

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