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Get an extra 2-HOUR private session to explore your personal values and how to honor them in your life! (Value of 300$).


Hey hi!  I'm Geneviève (please call me Gen).

After living, traveling and working in more than 20 countries, in four languages, I truly believe that we, humans, can adapt to anything, and therefore have the capacity to completely redesign our lives.


I am an accredited life coach, believer in the power of style, women empowerer, published author, loving wife and dog owner. What makes me tick is understanding the power of perception and how we can change our world by changing how we think.


I helped men and women get unstuck and let go of the beliefs and perceptions that are not serving them, in order to unblock the road to their wildest dreams. They were closer then they thought....and you are too!

Once again I am surprised about how much I get out of each session. For me, it feels like giant leaps. I felt also that your intuition, Gen, was great and led us into the core of the issues.

I feel I am on the right track whatever lies ahead and I am not afraid.

Kristian, Recording Artist & Changemaker

It is never too late

to be who you want to be.

Coaching Accreditation