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I help you become the version of yourself that can make your dreams come true.

You are here because you are already successful BUT deep down inside you know there is so much MORE for you! However, you don't know where to start, you feel stuck in a pattern...or you don't really know which direction to take.


See, when you understand what drives you and what's keeping you stuck, you can hop on the driver's seat, own your path and take the journey wherever you want!

Yes! I am talking about :


 Dumping the chronic self-abuse without losing your edge (bye bye inner mean girl) .


 Finding and attracting new opportunities around you (they were there all along, by the way).


Achieving the goals you set AND enjoying the ride.


Isn't it exciting? Get ready to see the world around you become your playground as you break free from the patterns that are keeping you stuck.


It's never too late to be who you want to be.


You really don't need to... 

Be overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and miserable to achieve your goals.

Be content with what you’ve got because ''your time has passed''.

Do everything perfectly (Perfection is an illusion, lady).

Have everybody’s approval before moving on. (Sorry, Who's approval?)



 To wake up to a life that you love,

and a YOU that you cherish..

You must learn to know yourself, love yourself and understand your value.

You must get the mindset that supports your ambitions.

You must let go of what is not serving you.

You must become the version of you that can make your dreams happen.

You can have all the strategies that you want, but if you don’t have the right mindset, direction, and support, you’ll keep sabotaging yourself (that’s when procrastination, overwhelm, analysis paralysis and all that crap shows up).




…and that’s how I can help!

Hey hi!  I'm Geneviève.

After living, traveling and working in more than 20 countries, in four languages, I truly believe that we, humans, can adapt to anything, and therefore have the capacity to completely redesign our lives.


I am an accredited life coach, believer in the power of style, women empowerer, published author, loving wife and dog owner. What makes me tick is understanding the power of perception and how we can change our world by changing how we think.


I helped many women get unstuck and let go of the beliefs and perceptions that are not serving them, in order to unblock the road to their wildest dreams. They were closer then they thought....and you are too!

What I help you do is..


Get clear on what you want

Find out who is the YOU  hiding behind all the SHOULD‘s (i.e. what YOU  want VS what you THINK you/others want), and how to finally allow yourself to pursue it.


Identify what is holding you back

Understand yourself, your patterns and the behaviours that are currently not serving you, and start taking action in the direction that you want.


Take decisions with peace of mind, without giving a vote to your inner nagging voice .


Tame your mind, gain better control of your emotions and stop sabotaging yourself and your efforts.


Create the fulfilling life that you desire

Work through your obstacles and take consistent action in order to completely change the way you feel about yourself and the results you see in your life.


Get the confidence to face whatever is coming your way, without getting caught up in complicated plans (that end up in the drawer anyway).


Learn tools to deal with your negative beliefs, and apply a sustainable approach to growth, so you can take your journey to a whole new level.

"I help ambitious women redefine who they are in the world in order to achieve their goals and express themselves fully."

I believe that...


You are the creator of your life and you have a choice to be who you decide to be. You don’t need others to define you. You don’t need to be trapped. It’s about discovering the real power that you have when you make the decision to take back control over your life.


My mission is to help women see themselves for the powerful beings that they are, understand the choice that they have, and become the person they need to be in the world in order to create their best life and express themselves fully. There is no limit to who YOU can be.


It is never too late

to be who you want to be.

From a place where I had bad thoughts about myself, where I didn't believe in myself and had negative thinking, these sessions helped me to work toward a better version of myself. I let go of old habits and negative thoughts and started experiencing positive ones. Gen is amazing in her way of listening, understanding, and asking the right questions. She gave me the right tools so I could keep working on myself between every session.

I see things so much clearer and I know how to deal with the negative patterns and work toward my goals.

Sanna, Sweden

What was really important to me was to start living my life as I want it, and not adapt my life to others'. This helped me in many ways. I started to make the appropriate changes, I let go of negative situations and thinking patterns, and I feel so much better.

Gen provides the strategies, tools and questions right on target to help you move forward.

Olivia, Venezuela

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