Confidence Through Play Labs

Discover your confident self, get comfortable with taking risks and tame that damn inner critic.

So you speak up with confidence, show up authentically and positively influence others.

A 5-week Workshop Series

For ambitious and professional women ready to show up powerfully into their world

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Nancy's got the job!

Before working with Gen I struggled with my communication skills. She helped me to maintain focus, stay relaxed, and be confident when speaking.

As a result, I applied these skills to one of my interviews and was offered the position.

She's a really great and attentive coach, I highly recommend her!!!

Nancy C.
New York
  • Unleash Your Creativity

    Learn professional techniques to expand your thinking and unlock the door to your awesome ideas aka get to think like a child again while keeping your know-how as an adult.

  • Speak With Confidence

    Apply the tricks to demonstrate assertiveness and stop doubting what you say aka raise your hand, tell your point and be heard, without sweating or hating yourself for it.

  • Never Freeze Again

    Manage uncertainty to get comfortable with the situation in front of you even when your plan goes out the window aka make the best out of any unexpected question you get during a presentation or interview.

  • Relax

    Develop and practice spontaneity so you can enjoy deeper connection with people and yourself aka throw your ‘what will they think’ away and have fun meeting people.

The million dollar question: Which came first, the confidence or the experience?


It’s a chicken and egg situation isn’t it?

You need confidence to start and get experience, and you need experience to be confident.

What if it was not about neither the egg or the chicken?

What if confidence is not an external factor that you need to get?

The truth is – confidence is something you already have.

You. Yes.

Trust me. It is true.

Building confidence is not a matter of doing THE THING that will magically make you confident.

It’s about unearthing your natural ability to trust your ideas, think on your feet and be yourself.

It’s about getting your foot off the breaks i.e. disempowering your inner critic that’s been keeping you stuck.

Now, it’s easy to say. Especially because you’ve probably read a few books and done a few trainings to help you with that already.

The thing is that showing up authentically doesn’t happen when you read about it. It happens when you start practicing it.

But practice can be difficult, easy to give up, or you may feel lost, especially when left on your own.

Great news: You don’t have to go through that. Practice can be easy AND fun!

Learn to trust yourself, make decisions quickly and look ahead with confidence....through PLAY!

Confidence Through Play Labs

Discover your confident self, get comfortable with taking risks and tame that damn inner critic.

Starting November 13th

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Carolina changed her unserving patterns!

The improv workshops with Geneviève have really helped me to grow in confidence!

The playful exercises helped me to see patterns of thought that pop up in my mind in relation to specific topics or feelings, which emotions I easily express and those that are not as easy.

It was also super exciting because it was in another language than my mother tongue which was challenging, but amazing!

Carolina W.

It’s awesome to hear about how to be more confident but nothing is going to happen until you put your knowledge into practice.

In Confidence Through Play Labs, we IMPLEMENT what we learn, we break the ice together, in a safe environment, so that you are already comfortable rocking your new skills in the world.




What's included in The Confidence Through Play Labs.

Live Workshops

4 x 90-minutes live interactive workshops, where we practice speaking up, thinking on your feet, opening up your creative mind, by playing games. The workshops are conducted in a small intimate group, so you also get feedback from your peers!

1-to-1 Private Coaching

We have a 90-minute coaching session together to assess your most prominent confidence block, pinpoint what to focus on during the program, provide the specific tools to help you get the most out of it according to your specific needs and set you up for success.

Self-study Material

Every week, you will have access to video trainings with the principles and tools we will use in the workshops, as well as practical exercises to help you develop your skills and apply them in real life (in addition to the workshops). You also get life access to the recordings of the workshops so you can go back and play the games again!

Facebook Group Community

Share you wins, keep yourself accountable and grow your skills along with The Confidence Through Play Labs community! Challenge your growth through play with weekly challenges and share your progress!

Get ready to start 2020 with wild confidence!

Feeling relaxed, playful and armed with the tools to rock your next meeting, interview, presentation, conversation…

And sweep them up their feet 😉

Get excited about showing up confidently!

Ready to play your way to confidence?

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Dania owned the mic!

I had taken improv classes before, but none of them helped me the way the Confidence Through Play Labs did, even though they were in person.

What made the labs different is that in each session, Gen asked us to think about how we could apply the improv games to other situations. I realized I could use the improv tools in a wide variety of real-life scenarios.

One of the challenges I took on while was doing the workshops was to speak up more during a seminar I was taking. On the first day of my seminar, I went up to the mic to speak in front of the group. This was the first time I had done this since I attended the seminars!

Dania D.
Los Angeles

Let's recap, shall we? 

The Confidence Through Play Labs.

Practice and implement your confidence skills so you bypass your inner critic, speak up and wow your audience while having FUN!

  • 4 x 90-minutes small group live interactive workshops to practice your skills and get ready to show up as the best you.
  • 90-minutes private coaching session with me to help you tailor the tools to your specific needs.
  • Self-study material and exercises.
  • Life access to the recording of the 4 live workshops.
  • Exclusive Facebook group with weekly challenges to keep you on track and grow through play.

All for €447 (roughly USD495)!!

**Payment plan available

**Starts November 13th

**Workshops run on Saturday November 16th, 23rd and December 7th and 14th at 9AM Pacific time/ 12PM Eastern time.

The Confidence Through Play Labs make it EASY for you to build your confidence skills, and show up in your life as the rockstar that you are!

Ready to play your way to confidence?

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