Success is a big problem-solving game. 

Ready to play?

How awesome would be to come home from a meeting with someone you REALLY admire after confirming your collaboration on an exciting new project? 

How brilliant would it be to wake up giddy about your day, seeing and feeling growing results as you create something meaningful to you and others? 
….MINUS the constant stress? 

I know it, you know it, everybody knows it: you are quite an achiever! 

You’ve got a track record of awesome successes under the belt.

But you’re exhausted and stressed.

You feel like you have stalled.

And you are caught up in routines that don’t serve where you want to go.

You are excited about creating something new in your life – and it feels like a mountain. So you got equipped with boots! YAY!

…though if you’ve ever done any hiking, you know that shopping for boots will make you look great but won’t get you nowhere near the peak.

(i.e. You read all the books and get super motivated, but somehow your efforts of taking the steps magically slip through the cracks as soon as something comes up.)

You know you can do it but…it’s.just.not.moving.forward.

Why? You may ask 

First, because doing it alone is like wearing pantyhose underneath your skirt out in the Canadian winter: although you are optimistic at first, you quickly find out you can only go so far before you freeze your ass out and run back home where it’s comfortable.

Second, because until now your big fat hairy goal didn’t seem important enough.

You were too comfortable to do something about the beast (that hunch that wakes you up at night telling you there is something MORE for you).

But now, the discomfort of staying still is stronger than the discomfort of the unknown.

Now, it is crystal clear that you cannot ignore that shoulder tap anymore. That beast is your friend.

*AHHHHHHHHHHHHH* (shrill sound of the perfectly mixed Excitement + Fear Cocktail. YUM!)

You are SO ready to make things happen! Woot woot! 

But you need guidance …you don’t know where to start, you are unclear on your goals, you have a hard time doing it on your own. 
And most importantly, you don’t want to burn yourself out running around like a headless chicken, all work no fun. 
There’s a disconnect here….so who can help you bridge the gap and make it happen?

Hey, hi!
I can help you with that! AND I’m especially good at helping you having fun as you create awesome stuff!

I’m Gen and I help ambitious women like you (!) achieve their big audacious goals without the stress and with WAY more fun! 

I know what it is to dream BIG! I built my career internationally, living, working and traveling in over 20 countries, in 4 languages.
I was unstoppable until the symptoms started showing: burnout, heavy anxiety, eating disorder…
My health, relationships, and career were affected, so I made a drastic change and successfully transitioned in a completely different industry, country and culture. 

It should do the trick, right?

WRONG! Within 18 months, the symptoms reappeared.
That’s when it hit me right in the face: what got me here won’t get me there – mindsetwise & strategywise. 

I was never shy of taking bold action, but I needed help to get clear on where I was going, pinpoint what was not working for me anymore, readjust and get back on track to create MORE awesomeness. Awesomeness that was aligned with who I had become.

And so I did! 

I built the foundation to create a life and career that I love and that allow me to be fully MYSELF! 

Now, here is the thing: working on yourself doesn’t need to be dramatic and boring.

(#nothanks to sitting in silence for days next to a buddha at sunset and crying your childhood pain out all day.)

I am not saying that none of that happens at all, but definitely not in beige yoga pants with a drop-on-a-leaf screen wallpaper and calming wave soundtrack.

I am here to show you that personal development and goal achievement can be FUN & GAMES. It really is!

In fact, you’ll be saying be-bye to perfectionism, overthinking and self-judgment by laughing and acting silly (in privacy – don’t worry!).

You’ll be taking risks, creating meaningful relationships and reaching milestones as the heroin that you are, solving problems like a #ladyboss and collecting way more than $200 as you pass GO.

You’ll be SuperYou – because building habits that serve you and reaching your big fat audacious goals is just a big problem-solving game. Ready to play? 

Have a big fat hairy goal you entertain? 

I love those! especially the fluffy ones – tell me all about it over coffee:
"Once again I am surprised about how much I get out of each session. 

For me, it feels like giant leaps. I felt also that your intuition Gen was great and led us into the core of the issues. 

I feel I am on the right track whatever lies ahead and I am not afraid."
Kristian E.
Manager and Musician, Sweden

Coaching Accreditation