YOU are your most important asset.

Ready to increase productivity and reduce stress?

How awesome would it be to finish your day satisfied with what you’ve accomplished, and having extra hours ahead of you to spend quality time with your family or finally master that tennis serve?

How brilliant would it be to wake up giddy about your day, and feeling excited about the contribution you are making…MINUS the constant stress?  

I know it, you know it, everybody knows it: you are quite an achiever! 

You’ve got a track record of awesome successes under the belt.

…but you’re exhausted and stressed.

You feel like time is not on your side, and spend most of it being at work or thinking about work.

Taking a lunch break is a luxury.

And self-care? …is an item you never get to on your neverending to-do list.

Although you get to take vacation time, it’s never really time off anyway (making the classic ”just this one work email/call” dance…).

You are a great performer and you pride yourself on it!

But there are times where you just can’t keep the smile on anymore, and feel burnt out.

You read the articles about time management and burnout prevention and you know the tips and tricks.

But it just doesn’t work for you.
You have no time to put them in place and when you do, you have a hard time sticking to them…

I get it. I was there.

Here is the thing, tips and strategies about time management and self-care are good, but they are not efficient on their own. 

How can I find time to meditate every day when I can’t even find time to sleep?!

On a quick google search, you will find (literally) 700 million entries on these topics.

So, what is missing?

What is missing in these strategies is that they don’t address WHY you are getting (and staying) in the busy-ness and burnout cycle.

They don’t address how you can switch from having no time to sleep to executing daily self-care practices.

There’s a disconnect here….so who can help you bridge the gap and make it happen?

Hey, hi! I’m Genevieve (call me Gen), and here is my story:

In 2011, I got my dream job. I remember texting a friend saying: ”Starting today, I am waking up knowing that I am working toward saving the world.”

I gave it everything I got.

A year later, I resigned. I was crying in the shower, developed an eating disorder, and didn’t want to get out of bed anymore. Enough!

I was lucky to be offered another dream job opportunity right after. New job, new life! I had a supportive boss, was working with awesome people, and loved my job. I worked hard and climbed the ladder.  I was on top of the world.

In 2014, things started going south. My anxiety levels were off the charts, I was often working until midnight (or until they closed the office building), my eating disorder was getting stronger, and I found myself crying, alone in my city-center apartment more often than not. Enough!


Within 60 days I had moved to a different continent – and as soon as I got my work visa, I was offered a great management job opportunity. This was late 2015. New country, new language, new colleagues, new job, new life! I gave it everything I got – I was determined to succeed. 

In 2017, my stress levels were higher than ever, my eating disorder was replaced by other self-harming behaviors, I didn’t care about my job anymore and I was coming home crying. I quit. Enough!

I got into entrepreneurship and was determined to create the real change I wanted to see in the world. New boss (me), new industry, new lifestyle, new life! 

I was glued to my computer and gave it everything I got……and you guessed it, after the honeymoon phase passed, my health and happiness started going south. Again.

Do you see the pattern here? 

After changing literally everything about my career, the same patterns were showing up over and over again: burnout, exhaustion, frustration, feeling of being unsuccessful (even with great reviews and performance).

Here is the one thing I hadn’t changed: how I was dealing with situations, how I was using my time, how I talked to myself, how I was communicating, how I was setting (or not) boundaries…

I was sure I was doing things ‘right’ because I had the best of intentions. But being happy, healthy, and successful is not about doing what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, it is about letting go of the distractions that hold you back and aligning your thoughts, feelings, actions, and behaviors to serve you toward reaching your goals. Sustainably.


More time.

More space.

More joy.

More success. 


And I have to say, it is much easier than changing continent 😂, it doesn’t involve any magic formula or secret complex strategy.

But it starts with a decision to take the leap.

Are you ready to step out of the busy-ness?

Let’s talk about it over coffee:
"Once again I am surprised about how much I get out of each session. 

For me, it feels like giant leaps. I felt also that your intuition Gen was great and led us into the core of the issues. 

I feel I am on the right track whatever lies ahead and I am not afraid."
Kristian E.
Manager and Musician, Sweden

Coaching Accreditation