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"Our breakthrough session helped me to get clear about some things I’ve really wanted for myself, begin to believe they are possible for me, and to identify a tangible project I can take on to begin making those a reality—step by step. 

That project is becoming a catalyst for allowing myself to dream again, to generate ideas and creative connections that are opening me up to a new level of focus, confidence and growth that I’ve been desiring for a long time. 

I’m excited about going after what I truly desire and sharing a bigger version of me in my world!"
Rachelle A.
San Diego
"Thank you SO much for talking with me!  

You made it personal by actually listening to what I was saying and not making it generic.  You made me actually hear myself.  

You helped me look within myself to use what I was saying to see what I was missing.  I got a lot of inspiration out of that.  THANK YOU!!"
April R.
Entrepreneur, USA