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Empower Your Team For Productivity

Tailored Solutions For Remote Workforces 

Valuing Hassle-Free, Dynamic and Result-Oriented Spaces

Highly engaged employees are 38% more likely to have above average productivity.
*Source: Workplace Research Foundation

Pilot Program
Are you interested in being part of our pilot program?
We are currently looking for organizations that are focused on developing their people in a remote environment to collaborate on leveling up team engagement and productivity. 


Engaging Your Team

Your team is critical to your business success and working together efficiently, especially in a remote environment, will increase your productivity, retention rate and bottom line.

We specialize in helping you implement a collaborative environment and facilitate more productive habits with your employees, so you can focus your resources on what matters most. 


Step 1

Build a collaborative culture that promotes effectiveness.


Step 2

Develop self-directed employees with sustainable productivity habits.


Step 3

Get a clear picture of your team's behaviors and challenges with strategic data points.


All About Your People

Do you have a lot of meetings leaving your employees tired and disengaged?

Are you a newly remote company looking for a fun and accessible way to boost engagement and productivity?

The Connection Lab Project is designed for companies with partial or complete remote workforces who know that investing in their people is investing in their success.

We work with companies focused on:

  • developing their people professionally and personally;
  • leadership skills, self-management and self-care;
  • diversity and inclusion in the workplace;
  • improving feedback and communication skills.

We work the following workforces:

  • Tech
  • Financial & consultancy
  • Remote teams
  • Sales 


Solutions Tailored To Your Organizational Goals

We provide practical tools, as well as a facilitated practice space, for your employees to improve their daily interactions, problem solving abilities and overall productivity.

Program investment starting at USD$7,500.

Productivity Lab

Improve interactions to boost innovation

We work with you and your team to improve creative problem solving and daily communications, through dynamic and interactive virtual sessions. You will:

- Work collaboratively on what matters to you and your team.

Learn and apply improv and coaching tools to gain perspective on your current challenges. 

Engage in interactions helping your team communicate more effectively.

Perfect for:

Project teams, creative teams, building cross-functional relationships.

Monthly Virtual Watercooler

Promote performance by creating meaningful bonds

We deliver monthly networking virtual workshops helping you and your employees to build strong relationships, even remotely! Your employees will:

- Get tips and tricks to help develop their leadership and communication skills.

Collaborate and think creatively to solve challenges.

Create win-wins to get to their objectives.

Perfect for:

Team building, bringing new teams together, building cross-functional relationships, onboarding new team members.

Celebrating Diversity

Create a culture where everyone feels they belong

We work with you and your team to instill a culture celebrating diversity, belonging and inclusion. Your employees will:

- Receive practical support and tools to improve their awareness and relate to others on an authentic level.

- Experience a safe space to connect and share.

- Get personalized recommendations to create and maintain an inclusive workplace.

Perfect for:

Building and elevating diverse teams and cultures, promoting thought leadership.

Cultural Rejuvenation

Engage your team to work on your common goals

We assess your specific needs, as well as design and facilitate live workshops to help instill cultural norms:

- Build practical habits and behaviors that reflect your culture with dynamic and highly focused workshops specifically targeting your chosen cultural norms.

- Engage your reports from anywhere in the world with our virtual workshops.

- Receive insights on recurring themes, potential cultural issues as well as steps forward to keep the momentum high with your team.

Suggested themes:

Collaboration and brainstorming, productivity, leadership development, feedback and communication, self-care.


Passionate About Developing Leaders

Geneviève Pépin

Step 1

Productivity Coach 

Geneviève helps leaders to let go of overwhelm, reinvent their productivity and elevate their connection, communication and self-management skills, so that they have the time to enjoy what matters most to them. 

She is an accredited life coach (IAPC&M), leadership development coach (Fortune 500 companies), improv facilitator, and published co-author. 

Prior to coaching, Geneviève built her career internationally in event management and marketing, living, working and travelling in more than 20 countries, in four different languages.

Christina Unrein

Step 1

Clarity & Happiness Coach

Christina empowers others to do difficult work, improve their confidence and sense of self/identity, feel comfortable navigating uncertainty and conflict, create boundaries, be less critical, communicate more clearly, and manage their time, energy, and expectations. 

She completed her Masters in Regional and Community Planning at Kansas State University and is a certified leadership coach, AICP, LEED AP ND, and an International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach. 

To further her capabilities, Christina completed the United Nations Advanced Training Facilitation Certification and is Master Lean Coach certified.


Contact Us

Connect with us to talk about developing and engaging your team according to your specific goals.

Email: hello (at)



These sessions have been a great way for me to gain new perspectives on my work and life. They couldn't have come at a better time, when so many people are feeling isolated.

The Productivity Lab has proven to me that solving problems can be truly a pleasant experience with the right guidance and tools.

Step 1

Lab Participant

I highly recommend these events as a fun way to gain some clarity and insights on how to be more creative and productive. 

Step 1

Lab Participant

Christina and Geneviève are doing incredible work helping people from around the globe to reach their potential.

I cannot recommend the Productivity Lab highly enough. The easy to understand techniques explained and practiced in these sessions are incredibly powerful.

Step 3

Lab Participant  

Tailored solutions for remote workforces valuing hassle-free, dynamic and result-oriented spaces.

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