Calm Is Your Super Power

with Hayley Carr

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This interview was edited. Due to technical difficulties, it was changed to audio format in order to make the content available to you with as little distraction as possible. The video interview is available in its full length here.

A 9 -Time World Karate Champion, NLP Trainer and Life Coach, Hayley Carr is in the business of happiness. Her mission is to provide inspirational, actionable and deeply transformational coaching, education, and resources which guide motivated, passionate leaders to live their best life, lead with love, become self-actualised, fulfil their potential, and make a positive difference to the the world around them. She believes in the power of flow and fun for sustainable, joy-filled success. Always with a cup of tea in hand, you'll find this Aussie at where she shares thought-provoking and helpful free coaching every week on Bold living, Fierce Love, & Vibrant Leadership through her online show, Hayley Carr TV.