When it comes to creating a change in your life, do you feel paralyzed by self-doubt? Do you feel like your options are limited?


People who create the life of their dreams didn't have it "easier than you".  They are the ones who developed a strong foundation and skills to overcome obstacles, create more possibilities in their lives, and create momentum to reach their goals.


 Are you ready to do the work to an unstoppable you?



A 6-week private coaching program designed to help you build sustainable thinking & life habits.



 Get clear on what you want in your life - and OWN IT.


Feel empowered as you take the steps to achieve your goals.


Develop resilience and courage so you can bounce back when things don't go your way.


Feel amazing about who you are and OWN all of YOU with confidence! 

Walk Your Talk INTENSIVE is currently closed.


 Stay tuned for the next opening in November 2018 or

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Are you tired of looking for IT , THE TRICK that will finally make you feel great about yourself?
I don't believe in magic pills. YOU are the one who can empower yourself and this program is providing you with tools to make your progress sustainable while developing empowering thinking habits to know yourself for who you are - the creator of your life.


Have you tried programs but find that you slip through the cracks and get discouraged with yourself?
This is NOT a group program - it is a private coaching program where we take the time, you and me, to dig deep and explore to find your own answers. During this time together, we are 100% focused on you and your growth.
I provide tools and exercises separately, so you can take the time between sessions to absorb and apply.


Are you just DONE with trying to accept yourself and always getting back to square one as soon as something comes up?
Nobody knows what the future holds, and the truth is there are many things that you cannot control. However, you ALWAYS have control over how you respond to what is happening around you, and that makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE when it comes to creating what you want in life.  Nothing outside of you defines who you are, so let's take back control, shall we?


There is a part of you who KNOWS there is more for you. What would happen if you would allow that part to get stronger and guide you toward your dreams?


Look, let's be honest here ...


if you feel stuck, you have developed a way of thinking that limits the options you see for yourself. But those options are right there and available to you!


Are you feeling frustrated with how you lead your life?  What about waking up and feeling excited about your life?


Is your mind occupied by what people may say or think of you?  What about feeling great about who you are, no matter what people say around you?


Do you wish you were different or feel like others have it easier than you?  How would it feel to accept yourself as you are, and shape your life to fit YOUR desires?


Are you paralyzed by perfectionism or always focused on what could go wrong?  What if you could move beyond obstacles and setbacks while keeping your self-worth intact?



You will look back and say:
''Of my god, I cannot believe I tortured myself for so long!''



My question is: Are you ready to do the work?

I did it. And I know you can too.

Create the thinking habits that will allow you to get over any obstacle.

You are unstoppable!

What was really important to me was to start living my life as I want it, and not adapt my life to others'. Working with Gen helped me in many ways. I started to make the appropriate changes, I let go of negative situations and thinking patterns, and I feel so much better.

Gen provides the strategies, tools and questions right on target to help you move forward.


From a place where I had bad thoughts about myself, where I didn't believe in myself and had negative thinking, these sessions helped me to work toward a better version of myself. I let go of old habits and negative thoughts and started experiencing positive ones. Gen is amazing in her way of listening, understanding, and asking the right questions. She gave me the right tools so I could keep working on myself between every session.

I see things so much clearer and I know how to deal with the negative patterns and work toward my goals.




4 x PRIVATE 60-MINUTE COACHING SESSIONS to bring you clarity, understanding and appreciation of who you are and what is possible for you.


WEEKLY VIDEOS & LESSONS (6)  to provide you with inspiration, information, and tools to help you develop your new CHOICE muscles.



Week 1 - What you want.

Week 2 - Stay aligned.

Week 3 - Manage resistance.

Week 4 - Let it sink in (Rest week).

Week 5 - Courage & choice.

Week 6 - Create your environment.

Week 7 - Make it sustainable.



This is for the woman who is READY for a change in how she shows up in her world.



Is that you?



I am so certain that you are going to open up to a new reality for yourself with this program, that I am making it RISK-FREE!


If you do the work, and after 30 days you feel this is not for you, I will happily refund your payment in full.

Walk Your Talk INTENSIVE is currently closed.


 Stay tuned for the next opening in November 2018 or

drop us a line at to save your spot!

Hey hi!  I'm Geneviève (please call me Gen).

After living, traveling and working in more than 20 countries, in four languages, I truly believe that we, humans, can adapt to anything, and therefore have the capacity to completely redesign our lives.


I am an accredited life coach, believer in the power of style, women empowerer, published author, loving wife and dog owner. What makes me tick is understanding the power of perception and how we can change our world by changing how we think.


I helped men and women get unstuck and let go of the beliefs and perceptions that are not serving them, in order to unblock the road to their wildest dreams. They were closer then they thought....and you are too!

It is never too late

to be who you want to be.

Coaching Accreditation