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Solutions Tailored To Your Organizational Goals

We provide practical tools and a space for your employees to think differently and experience shifts in real-time.

Productivity Lab

Step 1

Improve interactions to boost innovation  

Culture Labs

Step 1

Engage your team and instill cultural norms with culture-focused solutions for both new and established employees.  

Connection Labs

Step 1

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“Corporate culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage that is completely within the control of the entrepreneur.”

- David Cummings, Co-founder of Pardot


Productivity Lab

Improve interactions to boost innovation.

We work with you and your team to improve creative problem solving and daily communications, through dynamic and interactive virtual sessions. You will:

- Work collaboratively on what matters to you and your team.

Learn and apply improv and coaching tools to gain perspective on your current challenges. 

Engage in interactions helping your team communicate more effectively.

Perfect for:

Project teams, creative teams, building cross-functional relationships.

**Train the Trainer also offered: Build your leaders to host productive meetings and create a space of collaboration with the tools of the Productivity Lab.


Culture Labs

Co-create cultural norms with culture-focused solutions for both new and established employees.

Culture-First Onboarding

Promote inclusive cultural norms and help your new employees feel engaged and included from the start.

Introduce and reinforce what your organization, division, and team stand for including mission, vision, and approach through fun, interactive activities.

Co-create from day one with new employees to build community, feel connected, and maximize engagement from the start.



Engage your established team to work on your common goals with shared values and behaviors.

- Build practical habits and behaviors that reflect your culture with dynamic and highly focused workshops specifically targeting your chosen cultural norms.

- Receive insights on recurring themes, potential cultural issues as well as steps forward to keep the momentum high with your team.

Cultural Integration - Train the trainer

Empower your managers to promote and maintain your company culture and build their own team culture for optimal performance and collaboration. 

Using practical tools and techniques, along with our Culture Lab framework, your managers can host virtual interactions and employee experiences that establish and reinforce a space of team collaboration.


Connection Labs

Promote performance by creating meaningful bonds.

Culture-Focused Selection

Speed up and shortlist your candidate selection by engaging them with your company culture.

- Creative activities for candidates and employers to engage with each other in a safe space.

- Small group discussions designed to be quick overviews to get a sense of who someone is and the synergy that is created between the candidate and the company.

- Interaction that gives insight on what someone values/believes and how they might normally act/behave.

Perfect for :

Recruiting, hiring, selection for panels, groups and boards.

Monthly Virtual Water Cooler

We deliver monthly networking virtual workshops helping you and your employees to build strong relationships, even remotely! Your employees will:

- Get tips and tricks to help develop their leadership and communication skills.

Collaborate and think creatively to solve challenges.

Create win-wins to get to their objectives.

Perfect for:

Team building, bringing new teams together, building cross-functional relationships, onboarding new team members.

Celebrating Diversity

We work with you and your team to instill a culture celebrating diversity, belonging and inclusion. Your employees will:

- Receive practical support and tools to improve their awareness and relate to others on an authentic level.

- Experience a safe space to connect and share.

- Get personalized recommendations to create and maintain an inclusive workplace.

Perfect for:

Building and elevating diverse teams and cultures, promoting thought leadership.


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