Enrollment closing on Thursday July 4th!

What would your life look like if you would quit overthinking, let yourself shine through, speak in front of others with ease and act on your ideas with confidence?

You want to be more confident in your life and yet you still find yourself...

  • keeping you hand down *again* in a meeting because you are afraid of being judged and on the spot.
  • missing another opportunity to act on your desires. You suffocate the little flame that sparks deep down inside you with overthinking, until you convince yourself that 'it won't work anyways', and the little flame fades away.
  • getting anxious just at the thought of speaking to people and wish you could just live under a rock forever.
  • overly stressed over situations that don't go as planned, because you doubt every single thought you have instead of trusting yourself in the moment.

Seriously, how many opportunities is that costing you in life (and in your career)?

Let's break the patterns that currently keep you small and build new ones that empower you to speak up, take action and move forward.

I'm talking about:

  • Trusting your ideas and acting on them, so you bring your own contribution and impact.
  • Getting rid of the fear of speaking in front of others.
  • Feeling more comfortable with uncertainty and boosting your creativity.
  • Being flexible in your communication style so you don't get stressed when talking to people.
  • Forgiving yourself and moving on quickly when things don't go your way.
  • Celebrating your uniqueness and stopping the chronic comparison syndrome.
  • Being at ease being YOU!!

Confidence Through Play Lab - Let's put your confidence into practice!

100% practical, interactive and LIVE

Based on my experience in theater and improv, specifically designed for you to exercise speaking in front of others with ease, acting on your ideas and building trust in yourself through PLAY.

Limited to 10 spots

A whole lot of FUN!!

This IS for you if:

  • you are READY to get out of your shell and allow yourself to shine.
  • you want to improve your social and communication skills so you can approach people and speak up in front of others with more ease.
  • you are ready to allow new opportunities into your life!
  • you want to build your confidence and say goodbye to overthinking already!
  • you want accountability to get these skills into practice so you LIVE it instead of intellectualizing it!

This is NOT for you if:

  • you want to stay under a rock.
  • you want to listen and not participate.
  • you are not ready to get to know yourself at a deeper level.

"The improv workshops with Geneviève have really helped me to grow in confidence!

The playful exercises helped me to see patterns of thought that pop up in my mind in relation to specific topics or feelings, which emotions I easily express and those that are not as easy.

It was also super exciting because it was in another language than my mother tongue which was challenging, but amazing! "

-Carolina Wischmann (Workshop participant)

What if practicing confidence was made EASY and FUN?

This is the first time I offer this online, and I am reaching out to a selected group of people for the first round, at a highly discounted price!!

I want to make it a NO BRAINER for you!


Here is what you get:

6 x 1 HOUR weekly LIVE interactive workshops in an intimate group (MAX 10 people) where you get personalized attention and everybody is called to level up through PLAY.

NO extra homework - just show up and give your all during the training.

We will meet on ZOOM, so you can be in the comfort of your house, wherever you are in the world!

VALUE: €500/$550

Price for a LIMITED TIME: €147 (around USD169)

This is a LIMITED OFFER and it will never be available at this price again. Seriously.

We start on Saturday July 6th at 9AM Pacific/ 12PM East / 5PM UK,  for 6 consecutive weeks!


Questions? Drop me a line at hello@nettolacoaching.com

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