The Amazing Experts You Will Learn From


Dr. Andrea Pennington

Author - Speaker - Visionary

Ginger Burr

Personal Image Consultant

Melissa Costello

Transformational Eating Coach

Jennifer Grace

Celebrity Life Coach

Dr. Neeta Bhushan

Leadership Coach

Connie Sobczak

Co-Founder of The Body Positive

Kimberly Seltzer

Dating & Makeover Expert

Helene Philipsen

Life Transformation Specialist

Katherine McIntosh

International Intuitive Consultant & Facilitator

Emma Ward

Confidence & Mindset Coach

Alba Gomez

Style & Personal Brand Coach

Melanie Barnum

Author - Psychic - Medium

Tracy Crossley

Master Intuitive Coach

Audree López

Stylist, Fashion Editor & Fashion Blogger

Louise Mazanti

Psychosexual Somatics® Therapist

Peggy Hall

Certified yoga instructor - holistic nutrition educator - creator of ''Living Swell''

Tiffany Wilson

Author - Speaker - Coach

Hope Zvara

Mindfulness, Movement & Lifestyle Expert

Ali Cudby

America #1's Bra Coach

Nancy Parker

Holistic Wellness Coach

Radhaa Nilia

Healer - Artist - Actress - Entrepreneur

Tonia Lewis

Freedom & Success Coach, Business & Life Strategist

Geneviève Pépin

Your Host & Coach for the ambitious woman

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