You are Chic & Unstoppable

with Geneviève Pépin

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Geneviève Pépin is an accredited life coach, women empowerer, and world traveller. After 5+ years working in events management and marketing around the world, Genevieve pushed the 'reset' button and said 'YES!' to her mission: helping women get out of their way, and redefine who they are in the world in order to create their best life and express themselves fully.

She provides actionable coaching to help her clients develop an empowering mindset, realign their life with who they really are, let go of what is holding them back and take their journey to a whole other level.

Geneviève also participated in the co-authored book Time to Rise. Find out more at and get in touch at

It's never too late to be who you want to be.