Bold Agreements

Here are the fundamentals of my practice and what you need to know before we start!

My philosophy


 I believe that all of our answers are within.
I love to know that the clarity and guidance that we seek is already here, right now, ready for us to connect to.
I love to know that the possibilities available to you, me and us are endless.
I love to know that we can change our perspective and therefore our whole experience of who we are.
I love that we can all find joy and relief in our thoughts.
I love to know that we are one – all of use are part of a bigger entity.

My methodology


 Coaching is a safe space to explore without expectation nor judgment. It is the space where confusion dissipates and answers come forward. It is the space where your truth reveals itself, real and raw, to shine its brightest light.

It is also an opportunity to experience yourself in a different way through building new habits and taking action.

I use deep listening and powerful questions as my main weapons, so that we shed light on what has been kept out of sight.

I use challenges, practice, and accountability, so that we explore and create habits (of thought and action) that propulse you toward your goals.

  I use my intuition as my own strength and guidance, to stay present and connected to the space, as well as reflect back to you what I perceive behind your words.

How I view my clients


 I see you as whole, resourceful and armed with everything that you need right now.

I view you as the sole leader of your life. I believe that there is nothing that you cannot be, do or have.

I know that your worth is a hard non-negotiable, and there is a part of you who loves and accepts yourself unconditionnally.

I take that you are dedicated to your growth and see the value in growing toward your full potential.

What it means to me to be a coach


 My role as a coach is to empower you, challenge you, hold you to a new level of conversation and possibilities for yourself, and help you see yourself for who you really are.

How I see my role in my client's life


 The coach-client relationship is crucial to optimize the experience and results of coaching.
I am a mirror to help you better see yourself.
I am a companion standing with you on your journey.
I am a facilitator helping you to connect with your central intelligence.

It is never too late

to be who you are meant to be.